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The increasing complexity of electronics hardware and software has the potential to increase project timescales, yet at the same time most development teams are faced with ever more demanding time-to-market pressures. With expertise and experience accumulated over 20 years, Direct Insight has helped hundreds of development teams to upgrade to the latest SoC, FPGA and OS technology by choosing the right off-the-shelf hardware, software and tools, by providing the required support and services to fill the gaps, and by allowing customer development teams to focus on their differentiating core skills to deliver excellent products.

Direct Insight was founded in 1992 to bring innovative solutions for electronic design, development and test to sophisticated end-users, acting as a value-added reseller for start-ups needing a high standard of technical understanding and marketing, as well as world-class customer support in order to penetrate UK and European markets. Today we offer a broad-range of solutions and services from training, to turnkey product development to board-level solutions.

The company is committed to provide a creative, ethical, enjoyable and professional working environment and to conduct our business with civility and honesty, to the benefit of our employees, principals and customers.

Our strength is in forming enduring partnerships with our customers and partners so that business can be conducted in an environment of shared understanding and trust, so that our capability can be put to work to enable new technologies and to enhance productivity.



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