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The Larkfleet Group of Companies is an award-winning housebuilding and development company based in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

We are a group of businesses with a focus on sustainability that sets us apart from competitors. We are a sustainable housebuilder, a major developer of sustainable energy projects, an investor in sustainability focused R&D projects and a provider of energy-efficiency improvements for new and existing buildings.

Our customers and clients include homebuyers, local authorities, housing associations, solar farm developers, independent builders and construction companies.

We strive to demonstrate environmental best practice and sustainability not just in the projects we deliver for customers but also in our own business practices.

We are pursuing environmental gains for the industry and society as a whole through our investment in research and development (R&D) projects that will benefit future generations.

Wherever possible we employ local people and place contracts with local suppliers. Our success means that we are able to support local economies with employment opportunities, support local ecosystems with our sustainable construction and wildlife protection practices and support the local environment with our low carbon building methods. Our success also enables us to support local communities through activities such as working with local schools and charities and sponsoring business awards to celebrate the achievements of local companies.

We are a major supporter of training initiatives, not just through our own apprenticeship and graduate recruitment programmes but through support for local colleges and sponsorship of the Greater Peterborough University Technical College.

We have won and been shortlisted for many regional and national awards for our quality, environmental best practice and community involvement.



Solar Steam

Adjacent to the PassiveHouse and Eco House demonstration homes Larkfleet has installed an experimental solar system.

The Solar Steam technology is the first solar collector exploiting Fresnel lenses as concentrator system at this scale. European and International patents have been lodged. The system has enormous potential to help tackle global warming and generate ‘carbon-free’ thermal power to supply industrial process heating and cooling demand.

The Solar Steam prototype consists of several rectangular Fresnel lenses which focus the sun’s rays onto a metal tube filled with water. The Fresnel lenses frame rotates to track the movement of the sun through the sky during the day using a fully automatic system.

This initial trial installation will produce only a small amount of steam for experimental purposes. One of the objectives is to test the effectiveness of the equipment in British weather conditions – it should be possible to produce some power even on cold and cloudy days. If the equipment proves to be successful the major market is likely to be in warmer countries where there is sunshine for long periods of the year. The company is already in contact with potential partners.

Falcon (part of the Larkfleet Group) is a partner in the Clay Cross Energy Recovery Facility.

When running at full capacity the plant will be able to generate up to 12 MW of electrical power. Some of this will be required for operating the facility but around 10 MW – enough to meet the needs of around 18,000 homes – will be exported to the national grid.



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