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About With our background in design engineering, we understand the importance of bespoke solutions for thermal management. We offer global manufacturing experience locally and made-to-order. Following almost 30 years of experience in design, supply and thermal solutions for electronics, Neil Wilson founded Thermal Issues to offer a tailored, UK-based service that guarantees flexibility in response.



Our range of thermal interface materials includes highly conformable products from 0.6 W/m-k up to 8W/m-k. Most of our materials (from a broad spectrum of manufacturers) are silicon based, but we also stock non silicon for sensitive applications. Of greatest importance is the ability to provide the lowest thermal resistance whilst considering other factors such as breakdown voltage and physical handling attributes in production. Performance and suitability are paramount considerations when choosing the “best” option. WE DELIVER QUALITY AND INNOVATION IN A SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE WAY. Offering a range of thermally conductive materials including heat sink pads, gap pads, thermal gap filler, thermal grease replacements, adhesive tape, polyester and polyimide films, our products are high performance and cost effective. Our process takes a holistic approach and begins with a detailed evaluation of the thermal issues you face, your conductive material requirements and any necessary electrical isolation attributes. We can combine effective electrical isolation with exceptional thermally conductive materials. Using the most reliable materials available we determine the optimum approach and identify the right product for the situation. Following our evaluation, we offer bespoke drawings to balance quality, reliability and cost effectiveness for your ultimate thermal management solution. For absolute confidence in our product standards, and for efficiency and reliability, all of our materials are UL certified by the manufacturer. Offering a guarantee of safety and performance standards, you can be assured of our sustainable and environmentally responsible sourcing. We thoroughly review material wastage, contamination and any other issues that may affect the final solution. In addition to our highly developed quality policies and processes, we are working towards ISO 9001 (2008) accreditation. Using a certified quality management system our products and services are designed to consistently meet the highest standards for quality endorsement. YOU ONLY PAY FOR PRODUCT. WE OFFER TOOLING WITHOUT CHARGE.



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